Evanston Shared Office

Finding an office space that best fits your needs can be a difficult task. We here at Evanston Shared Office, however, think we’ve found the solution. By sharing office space and offering flexible scheduling we can meet the needs of multiple groups and individuals who are looking for office space.

With space and room to expand you wont have to worry about finding a new office when you find your business growing.

How this works.

If you are looking for an office space, for just yourself or your entire business, we can help you. We will rent as many desks to you as you need, and the cost is then shared between you and the others who are renting. We have flexible pricing and packages to fit your needs.

Who are we?

TLDR: We are just like you, looking for an office that suits our need and ended up settling on an imperfect space. We’ve decided to turn our misfortune into your salvation.
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We have several price points and packages in order to fit you and your companies needs.
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Once a stamp factory, now converted into a creative office space.
Take a peek and see what our office is all about.

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